What Makes The MFMA So Special?

 Let's be honest, there are thousands of martial arts clubs online and choosing one can be difficult. But the MFMA is a cut above the rest. In this post, I am going to show you why the MFMA is the superior club.

  • In the MFMA, you can learn without pressure. No idiot yelling at you. No instructors changing personality all of a sudden, because you beat his son at the tournament or something; it happens.
  • No prejudice. Many martial arts clubs will not teach you if you have trained somewhere else before. MFMA gives everyone the chance to join and learn. The MFMA will never discriminate against you, nor tell you that you can't do this or that. We have students worldwide.
  • No sudden rule/ syllabus changes. How many martial artists have been angry because they have people change the syllabus all of a sudden? How crap is it that people who join a year after you, do half as much for the same grade? The MFMA students do the same moves, all over the world. The MFMA students also have the same rules to follow, worldwide. For example, why should students in Italy do different than those in the UK?
  • No bullying or in-fighting. The MFMA has a strict no-bullying policy. People who mess about get kicked out.
  • We simply have more to offer. It is true that the MFMA gives away more knowledge than most have to teach in the first place. Elite MFMA members get the best discounts, and the monthly newsletter: no student is left behind. Plus, besides the standard MFMA courses, we have another set of courses, available only for members.
  • We accept existing instructors. One great thing about the MFMA, is that no matter what level you have reached in other styles, you are welcome to join us. The MFMA doesn't try to brainwash and control every single student, unlike practically all competition. We have Grand Masters, people in Law enforcement and the armed services in the MFMA. People I used to train with decades ago can join and learn any of my styles, whenever they like. Despite what many trolls and jealous dumb-dumbs online may try and make you believe, there is no bad blood in the MFMA.
  • The MFMA doesn't tell you how to live. You get so many smug morons online, that will try and tell you how to eat, sleep and poop, just because they were mediocre at martial arts 35 years ago. We are a martial arts school, MFMA is Made For Martial Arts. If you want to dress as a Klingon, and do nothing but spinning back-fists, every time you train, that's fine with us. If you're gay, have green scaly skin or have an unhealthy obsession with Women's Volleyball, we won't judge you. Who you are, and how you choose to live your life, is up to you.
  • The MFMA is the real deal. We don't think we are better than other people, simply because we do martial arts: unlike most people who do martial arts. If you want help with techniques, we will help you. If you want to find a style that's right for you, we will help you. We practice what we preach in the MFMA. Most instructors are only telling you what they want you to hear, not what is true. Wouldn't you rather have the truth? 
  • No time limits. We have all levels of ability, and all martial arts styles in the MFMA. Some people may have been in the special forces, and learning takes a few months. Other students may be complete beginners, and they take years to learn a course. There's no rush or being told off for trivial reasons. We all have different lifestyles. Those who are busy can learn when they like: training doesn't have to be every Wednesday at 7.30 PM or similar.
  • Free video testing. People can grade on the honour system if they choose, but we also offer completely FREE video testing. Most martial arts clubs that do video testing, fail their students on purpose, so that they have to keep paying to grade again: this happens in Dojos with regular gradings also. In the MFMA, we don't rip people off. If you do fail a video test, it hasn't cost you 100 dollars to fail or similar nonsense.
  • We treat all students as individuals. Most martial arts clubs try and treat all students the same- it's an excuse for poor teaching. Some students may need more time than others. Some students may be of superior ability, and are let down by having to wait 'fifteen years for 2nd Dan' or similar, simply because it says so in the teacher's handbook. All students are treated fairly and based on their own level of skill in the MFMA. A society is a group of individuals, and the MFMA is a group of individuals who simply like martial arts.
  • The MFMA styles can be taught. Anyone who wants to teach our styles can do so in the MFMA. Not everybody has to be a fully-fledged instructor. Some students teach their friends and family at home, and that's fine by us. For those who want to teach our styles in Dojos, we will help you to achieve this. You might be an existing teacher with 250 students. The MFMA can help you to start a new class teaching our styles. If you can get your students to join the MFMA, we may even be able to make you the top in the country for your chosen style: we have that kind of power, and you are still in full control of your Dojos. There's no hostile takeover or nonsense : we simply help those who already have the potential to go places.
  • The MFMA courses are the best. If you have never done martial arts before, and want to learn from home, the MFMA is the only club worth joining. You simply cannot fail with the quality of tuition available. And all MFMA courses are very competitively priced, so that most people can afford to join us, anytime they wish. Learn from someone who has already taught hundreds of people, and is actively training in the martial arts. The more effort you put in, the better you will be, and the sooner you will realise how good the MFMA is. If you buy a course and can't really be bothered, hey, no big deal: you haven't lost half your life savings.
  • The styles are exclusive to the MFMA. The styles in the MFMA cannot be found anywhere else. The MFMA styles' Kata are more effective and have more applications than Kata in practically any other styles in the world. The MFMA styles that have Kata, have kata unavailable anywhere else in the world. For those who want to just get a black belt, you are welcome to join. For those who want to go deeper into applications and similar, we have everything you need. MFMA styles are stronger than most in existence: the more you train, the more you will realise this fact. 
  • You don't even have to be a member to learn from us!?! Some people are rich and famous, and don't want to be bothered. Others just want to learn without the whole membership deal. Anyone can join and learn anonymously, if they wish. To view our critically acclaimed courses, simply click here for details.


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Have a great day.